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September 9, 1944
            AS STATED IN PAPER SEPTEMBER 4 1944.            
To paragraph 2(a) should be added the following:
 "At least for an indefinite period Germany shall
be denied the means or power to manufacture or design aeroplanes
or gliders of any sort whether military, commercial or private,
and Germany shall have no license to operate any airlines.
During this period no schools or courses for the study of air
flight in any form shall be permitted.
 All machines, plants and other instruments which
are peculiarly adapted to the manufacture of arms and lethal
weapons of any sort shall be dismantled or destroyed."
Paragraph 2(b) should be rewritten to read as follows:
 "All members of the Gestapo, viz., the so-called
security or political police, prominent Nazis in whatever acti-
vity they may have operated, substantially if not all members
of the S.S. organizations, and others who are suspected of having
taken part in or had responsibility for the perpetration of war
crimes, should be apprehended and held for further disposition.
Prompt and summary trials shall be held of those charged with
such crimes and punishment should be swift and severe.
 Studies should be instituted at once to determine
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