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                THE PRIME MINISTER had requested that three British divisions in Northern Ireland
be relieved at the earliest practicable date,
                MARSHAL DILL remarked that .it was his understanding that the relieving force was
to consist of three divisions plus one armored division. GENERAL MARSHALL agreed.
ADMIRAL POUND asked at what time the troops in Ireland could be relieved. GENERAL
MARSHALL replied that the troops are available now the question is the availability of tonnage.
                ADMIRAL POUND asked with whom he could get in touch on the tonnage matter.,
and was told that his representatives should see Colonel 6ross of the 6-4 Division, War
Department General Staff.
ADMIRAL STARK stated that the United States was ready to take Over the defense of'Iceland,
following which, however, base facilities would still be available to Great Britain. He also stated
that the Marines in Iceland are an important elementof the United States amphibious force, and
that it was desired that they be relieved prior to beginning the relief of the British troops there.
                MARSHAL DILL remarked that this would have to be worked out, and asked when
the relief of the British could be accomplished. GENERAL GEROW replied that .it could be
completed by March, 1942.
               ADMIRAL STARK added that the whole question of relief was largely a matter of
shipping, and added that United States production is behind in antiaircraft weapons, and that the
British might be able to help out.
             THE CONFERENCE agreed that the programs for these reliefs should be studied by the
Joint Committee.
         4.      GREENLAND. -
               ADMIRAL STARK brought up the question of Greenland and asked General Arnold
the status of air fields there. GENERAL ARNOLD stated that the United States now has a small
force in Greenland; that two fields are projected; one field is ready now, but in the fog belt
another field, farther to the north, will be ready very soon.  He stated that Greenland will be used
essentially as a staging area between the United States and Europe. He added that he could
furnish more details later.
                 ADMIRAL STARK stated that these would continue, in collaboration
with the British; that the Prime Minister had mentioned the possibility of
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