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a. Under the assumption that the Philippines and Singapore both hold, the total reinforcements
available up to 1st February, 1942, as shown on the attached table, should go forward as now
arranged, subject to the direction of the commander to whom they are assigned.
b.  Under the assumption that Singapore and the Netherlands East Indies hold, but the Philippines
do not, the total United States reinforcements available up to 1st February, 1942, should be
employed.in furtherance of the defenses of key points on the Malay Barrier, and for protection of
the  vital  lines of communication from the east.  In the absence of unity of command, detailed
dispositions of these reinforcements must be left to the senior United States Army commander, in
collaboration with the senior British, Dutch, and Australian commanders. Under this assumption
the planned disposition of British reinforcements remains unchanged.
c. Under  the assumption that neither, Singapore nor the Philippines  holds, the total
reinforcements available up to 1st February, 1942 be used for the defense of the remainder of the
Malay Barrier, Burma, and Australia, United. States reinforcements being used to the eastward,
and  British  reinforcements to the westward.
NOTE:- The subject of reinforcements for New'.Zealand and Fiji  is being considered separately.
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