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                                                                                                                   January  10, 1942.
                                            CHIEFS OF STAFF CONFERENCE
                                              FEDERAL RESERVE BUILDING
                                                       WASHINGTON, D. C. 
                                                   3:00 P.M., JANUARY 10, 1942
British Officers
Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Dudley Pound, First Sea Lord and Chief of
                                                              Naval Staff
Admiral Sir Charles Little, Joint Staff Mission
Captain G. D. Belben, R.N.
Field Marshal Sir John Dill
Lieut. General Sir Colville Wemyss, Joint Staff Mission
Brigadier V. Dykes, Director of Plans, War Office
Air Force
Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal, Chief of Air Staff
Air Marshal A. T. Harris, Joint Staff Mission
United States Officers
Admiral H. R. Stark, Chief of Naval Operations
Admiral E. J. King, Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet
Rear Admiral W. R. Sexton, President, General Board
Rear Admiral F. J. Horne, Assistant Chief of Naval Operations Rear Admiral J. H. Towers, Chief,
Bureau of Aeronautics Commander R. E. Libby, Aide to Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Fleet Major
General Thomas Holcomb, Commandant, U S.M.C.
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