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PAP                                PARIS
This telegram must be
closely paraphrased be-                 Dated May 14, 1940
fore being communicated
to anyone. (D)                     Rec'd 6:40 p.m.
Secretary of State
     659, May 14, 7 p.m. (SECTION TWO)
     The German tanks had crossed the River Meuse as if it did not exist. They had run
through the French anti-tank defenses which consisted of railroad rails sunk deep in concrete and
protruding from ground as if the raiils were straw. They had crossed the anti-tank traps and had
completely demolished the concrete fortifications by which the Maginot Line had been extended
in that region since the beginning of the war.
     Reynaud then said "at this moment there is nothing between those German tanks and
     He stated that the French were attempting a counter attack to cut off the raids made by
this German tank advance but he did not know what hope of success ramained. Even without the
participation of Italy, France faced one of the gravest and most terrible moments in her history.
With the participation of Italy the result would be tragic not only for France and England but for
every country in the world including the United States.
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