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The documents in the Safe Files are original evidence. They are presented here in both original and text converted formats, although in general, Maps, Charts, Tables and Photographs were not converted into text. Text documents are "keyword" searchable, but have been edited from the orignal, meaning that handwriting and signatures has been deciphered, and OCR errors have been corrected. Original documents serve as snapshots in time, and also as touchstones by which the researcher can judge the text conversions.

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Australia Index

  • Correspondence dated between 6/1/42 and 6/9/42; correspondents included FDR, Prime Minister Curtin, Keena, Sec. of State
  • Topics included: War Situation talks
Beaverbrook, Lord Index
  • Correspondence and reports dated between 12/27/41 and 3/25/42; correspondents included Beaverbrook, FDR, Harriman, and Hopkins.
  • Topics included: Beaverbrook, Production programs
Belgium Index
  • Correspondence and telegram dated between 10/7/39 and 11/15/39; correspondents included FDR, Cordell Hull, Davies, and Secretary of State
  • Topic included: US intervention in Belgium
Bullitt, William C. Index
  • Correspondence, resolutions, bills, and reports dated between 3/31/39 and 1/14/42; correspondents included Bullitt, FDR, Sec. of State, State Dept.
  • Topics included: Bullitt's correspondence with FDR, Foreign Policy with Britain and France
Bush, Vannevar Index
  • Correspondence and reports dated between 6/27/40 and 7/16/42; correspondents included FDR, Bush, Rudolph Forster, and others.
  • Topics included: National Defense Research Committee, Physical Chemical Problems, Interchange with British and US scientists
Canada Index
  • Correspondence dated between 6/15/40 and 3/28/44; correspondents included FDR, Moffat, and Mackenzie.
  • Topics included: US-Canadian relations
Chiang Kai shek Index
  • Correspondence and Exchanges from Chiang Kai-shek dated between 12/14/41 and 5/7/42; correspondents included FDR, Lord Halifax, Chiang, T.V. Soong, Harry Hopkins, and others.
  • Topics included: Singapore Conference, Military Conference in Chungking, US alliance with China during WWII
China Index
  • Correspondence, memoranda, memos, and maps dated between 10/18/39 and 6/27/42; correspondents included FDR, Magruder, General Marshall, Currie, McCrea, and others.
  • Topics included: China's position in war, Bombing missions in Asia, US military strategy in Asia (China)
Current Strategic Studies Book 1 Index
  • Reports, charts, and maps dated between 4/23/43-5/15/43
  • Topics included: status of operations in Pacific and Far East, Mobilization and Utilization of Amphibious Assault Craft, US strategic situations
Current Strategic Studies Book 2 Index
  • Reports dated between 3/5/43 and 5/10/43
  • Topics included: Joint Intelligent Committee, Invasion of Europe from the U.K., Size of Forces in the U.K., German Strategy, Status of operation ANAKIM
Czechoslovakia Index
  • Correspondence, memorandum, and list of government officials dated between 9/16/39 and 7/24/41; correspondents included FDR, William Bulliet, John G. Winant, and Sec. of State.
  • Topics included: Admittance that Czechoslovakia is no longer an independent state
Egypt Index
  • Correspondence between Kirk and Sec. of State both dated 12/24/41
  • Topic: German propaganda against US and Britain
Ethiopia Index
  • Correspondence between Currie and FDR dated 9/3/42
  • Topic: Agreement between Britain and Haile Sellassie
Far East Index
  • Correspondence between Grant and Sec. of State dated 9/2/40.
  • Topic: diplomacy in Far East
France Index
  • Correspondence, reports, memos, and NY Times Article dated between 9/6/39 and 10/15/43; correspondents included FDR, Tuck, Hull, Cole, Leahy, Watson, Welles, and others.
  • Topics included: French delaying declaration of war, French activity in war, French purchases in US
Germany Sept 1939 - March 1941 Index
  • Correspondence, telegrams, and memoranda dated between 10/7/37-3/31/41; correspondents included Kirk, FDR, Lane, Hull, and others.
  • Topics included: Germany's take-over of Poland, French and English declarations of war on Germany, Naval conflicts between US and Germany, US exploration of peace situations in Europe.
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