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                                                                 Dated June 11, 1940
                                                                 Rec'd 4:40 p.m,
Secretary of State
          1132, June 10, 6 p.m.
     Samuel Wiley, our Consul at Le Havre, who reached Paris after having been bombed and
machine gunned heavily while crossing the Seine has given me a description which is terrible of
the sufferings of the refugees from the upper Seine district who are pouring southwestward.
     I implore you either to take the relief of these refugees out of the hands of the Red Cross
or to put an admiral instantly in charge of the relief with full authority to act under the Red Cross
as suggested in my previous telegram transmitted on this subject today.
     I sent you that telegram after lunching with Wayne Taylor and Dean Jay, both of whom
feel as I do that the Red Cross has not acted with either the speed or the efficiency that must be
demanded of every organization.
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