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 76th Congress
1st Session
                    S.J. RES. 186
          AUGUST 5 (legislative day, AUGUST 2), 1939
Mr. NYE introduced the following joint resolution; which was.readtwice and
          referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations
               JOINT RESOLUTION
Providing that the United States should maintain a policy of strict
               neutrality in Asia.
 Whereas it is charged openly and the facts would seem to demon-
     strate that the United States has a. secret alliance with Great 
     Britain in relation to both Europe and Asia; and
 Whereas such an alliance must inevitably mean war for the 
     United States and
 Whereas by a succession of newspaper dispatches it is disclosed
     that the Depa,rtnlent of State is actively participating through
      communications and conferences in relation to the support
     of the Chinese Nationalist currency, in a conflict between
     Great Britain and Japan, and in relation to Chinese silver in
     the British banks in Tientsin, as well as in other_matters
          which affect Great Britain; and 
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