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This telegram must be                        PARIS
closely paraphrased be- 
fore being communicated                      Dated May 14, 1940
to anyone. (D)
                                        Rec'd 5:03 p.m.
Secretary of State,
     657, May 14, 7 p.m. ( SECTION TWO)
     I have talked with eyewitnesses of the German bombings in Belgium and Luxembourg,
including the Archduke Otto and Bech, Foreign Minister of Luxembourg. Neither men, women,
nor children are being spared and the tales of horror pass belief.
     No one in Paris doubts that Mussolini is contemplating pleasurably the infliction of similar
atrocities. Information reaching the French Foreign Office today which Leger has just given me
indicates moreover that the Italians are trying to provoke incidents which will give them an excuse
for attacking France. The Italian colony in Tunis has become most provoccative and insults to
French and English in Italy continue.
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