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Division B (continued)
as of June t, 19A1
Physical Chemical
PrOblems ....
W. K. Lewis, Div. Vice Chairman
       T. K. Sherwood, Cons. on Chem. Engin.
       Section L-1                                                                                    Section L-E                 '~
          Aerosols                                                                                 Ni~,r oc eilulos e
W. H. Rodebush, Ckm.                                                          W.K. Lewis, Chin.
Members:                                                                      Members:
    H. Eyrirg                                                                    D. Macinnes
    V. LaMer                                                                     L. Pauling
    I. Langmuir                                                                  G.A. Richter
    R. Stevenson
                                                                                  Section L-5
Consultant:              Paint Removers
    W. G. Brown
                                                                              J. C. Elgin, Chm.
     Section L-2
Protec-tive C9a~ings                                               Member:
                                                                                 E. S. Wallis
G. O. Curme, Jr., Chm.
                                                                                  Section L-6
Members:                        Higher Oxides
    V. H. Turkington                                                              ~,
    A. J. Weith                                                               W.K. Lewis, Chm.
  Section L-3                                                                       Section L-7
  Speciai Inorganic                                                               O,x7.~en Storage
         '       -                                                            Consultant:
W. K. Lewis, CMr,.                                                                 C.R. Hoover
Members:                                                                      Section L-8
    W. C. Bray                                                                Gas Drying~
    A. M. Buswell
    F. Daniels                                                                O.A. HouEen, Chm.
    W. F. Giauque
   T. R. Hogness                                                                  Section L-9
   W. M. Latimer                                                           Metallurg{cal Problems-
   P. A. Leighton
   W. A. Noyes, Jr.                                                          A.E. White, Chm.
   L. Pauling
   W. C. Schumb                                                              Members:
   J. H. Simons                                                                  C.E. NacQuigg
   G. F. Smith                                                                   R.F. Mehl
                                                                                 B. Stoughton
Consultant:                                                                      R.S. Williams
   G. P. Baxter
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