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S E C R E T                                                                                             COPY NO.    29
326-2                                                                                             (LIMITED DISTRIBUTION )
(J.C.S. 290/1)
May 8, 1943                                                                                              (1) JCS 290
                            JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF        
                    CONDUCT OF THE WAR IN 1943-1944        
       References:   (a) J. C. S.  272                                   
                              (b) J. C. S. 76th Mtg. Min., Item 1        
                              Note by the Secretaries
         The attached study was approved by the Joint Chiefs of 
Staff this date.                                                                       
                                                J. R. DEANE,
                                                F. B. ROYAL,
                                              Joint Secretariat
                                    By Authority of   
                                      JCS 927/495-1
                                                 By DBS   Date APR 13 1973     
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