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     (2) Conduct a vigorous air offensive with a view
to reducing GERMANY'S war potential and to making feasible 
a cross-channel operation and exploitation from lodgments
on the Continent in the spring of 1944.
     (3) Build up appropriate forces in the UNITED KINGDOM
for tasks (1) and (2).
     (4) Prepare for and return to the Continent in the
event of German disintegration at any time from now on-
wards with whatever forces may be available at the time.
c. African area
     (1) Accomplish HUSKY.
     (2) After the completion of HUSKY, or in the event that
HUSKY is cancelled, conduct limited offensive operations
in the MEDITERRANEAN area. These operations will be
         (a) To destroy Italian war potential by continuing
     air attacks from MEDITERRANEAN bases;    
         (b) To continue support to RUSSIA by the diversion of
     AXIS forces and materials;
         (c) To force dispersion of AXIS forces in order to
     facilitate a cross-channel operation; and
         (d) To maintain the security of our positions and
     communications in the MEDITERRANEAN area.
        The strength of the forces to be employed in the
MEDITERRAN will be so limited as not to prejudice the
success of a cross-channel operation in 1944. U.S.
ground and naval forces will not be employed in the
    a. Conduct operations to maintain lines of communication
in the PACIFIC, particularly to AUSTRALIA; to maintain
pressure on JAPAN, retain the initiative, force attrition,
contain the Japanese Fleet in the PACIFIC, and attain or
retain positions of readiness for a full scale offensive
against JAPAN; and to keep CHINA in the war.
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