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hardly go on without regulation, insists upon the
right to arm to the limit - when the majorities of
peoples are concentrated in vast cities, inviting
air attacks. One of our aircraft firms recently
made a deal here for selling, through a German firm,
100 up-to-date war planes in Italy, the man coming
to me and talking as if no such thing were thought 
of. Last evening an eminent German connected with 
the old regime said: "Now that old men are twice as
numerous as before the war and young men being limited
more and more in all the greater countries, we are
about to start another war. Think of killing off all
the young men."
This started again the urge of unofficial
Germany against Mussolini. I believe two-thirds of
the German peple (in spite of army popularity) are
now entirely in sympathy with the reported United
States oil boycott of Italy - and hopeful that this 
would limit Hitler's crazy war activity. Perhaps this
is enough; but we cannot overlook the fact that our
country has immense moral influence all over the 
world. But can anybody convince Congressmen, who
always think of their district's advantage, of the
real significance of things? We think permanent 
propsperity is coming when the machine age needs
fewer workers every year. We believe a hundred bil-
lion dollars of "watered securities" can be made valid
when population is relatively declining, and apt to
cease increasing altogether about 1960, when few
people are willing to earn their livings in the nor-
mal way. Thus war, armaments, trade barriers and 
decling populations mean nothing to many govern-
ments and less to vast industrial corporations.
I hope you may be able to arouse our people
to the dangers that lie ahead - next year perhaps
a decisive year in many parts of the world.
Sincerely yours,
William E. Dodd
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