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Berlin, May 12, 1938
Dear Mr President:
 The question of my attendance at the Nuremberg
Party Rally early in September has been giving me some
thought.  As you remember, Mr. Dodd never attended,
but the Charge d'Affaires, Mr. Gilbert, attended
last year in Mr. Dodd's abscence; also last year,
for the first time, the French and British Ambassadors
attended.  I should personally like to attend and 
would not consider myself any the less a firm believer 
in democracy for looking upon the evidences of an
autocracy.  It would also be a good oportunity to
get to know a lot of men who are not very accessible 
in the Capital.  On the other hand I realize that
my presence might be embarassing to you, if I were
subject to attack in the American press for attending the rally.
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