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 Strength through Joy is a semi-autonomous division, 
called: Gemeinschaft Kraft durch Freud, within 
the German Labor Front. Its supreme authority
is a Reich, or national, Board composed of the heads
of the various departments of Strength through Joy.
Its regional structure follows that of the Labor
Front which in turn reflects the regional divisions
of the National Socialist Party. In each of the
32 Gaue (which composed Germany before the accession 
of Austria) there is a Gau Board of Strength
through Joy headed by a Gauwart. The division is
carried down further to the Kreis authorities (corresponding 
to the government administrative districts, 
or Kreise) and to the 0rtsverwaltung, or
local authorities (corresponding to the small townships 
or sections of large cities): The Kreis and
Ortsverwaltung authorities for Strength through Joy
work in the local offices of the Labor Front and,
depending upon the volume of work, sometimes also
perform other duties for the Labor Front. The lowest 
but most important units of the organization
are the innumerable Betriebswarte who serve in the
individual factories as the points of contact between 
the mass of the workers and Strength through 
Joy activities.
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