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for press and propaganda matters.
 The regional, or Gau, offices of Strength
through Joy are subdivided into these sections.
Each district, or Kreis, office has a Referent, or
special official, dealing with one or more of the
five listed activities. The latter in turn give
instructions to, and keep in touch with, the lower 
0rtsverwaltung officials and the Betriebswarte
in the individual factories.
 Salaries of the paid permanent officials of
Strength through Joy are definitely very low, the
younger unmarried officials receiving, for instance,
between RM 200 and RM 250 per month.    One of the
writer's informants, a middle-aged married official
with fairly advanced rank, stated that he was paid
RM 550 per month. Most of the officials are National 
Socialist Party members of long standing
who were given permanent employment with the Party
after it came to power. Despite the comparatively
low Salaries and the long hours of work frequently
demanded of them, the great majority of these officials 
display a remarkable enthusiasm, particularly
the younger (and less well paid) who, as has been
found to be the case with many of the young Party
Workers, seem to be inspired with some of the Messianic 
zeal of their leaders.
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