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      347 5th Ave.
      April 29, 1939
Mrs. J. M. Helm 
      The White House
Dear Mrs. Helm:
      As is not unusual in special order work, we were somewhat delayed 
      in making these two special frames, but the result has proved 
      very satisfactory. They are both finished and now come the question 
      of engraving. In one of your letters, you asked that we be sure 
      that they get all the detail of the President's shield.
In going over the matter with the engraver, who by the way 
      makes a specialty of this sort of work, he tells us that while 
      all the detail can be put in by engraving it flat, the effect 
      will be more or less lost. On the other hand, the background 
      is cut away, giving the shield a raised effect, thus making the 
      detail come out strongly and clearly. Now as to the cost The 
      flat engraving will cost approximately $15.00 while the style 
      suggested by the engraver will cost about $22.00.
Inasmuch as this will be hid up until we hear from you, would 
      you let us have an answer quickly.
      We have told our engraver to hold him in readiness for this job, 
      and he will stop any work he may have on hand. So you see, it 
      will only be a short time before we make shipment after hearing 
      from you.
      M. Bernheim 
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