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      May 9, 1939
My dear Mr. Bernheim:
Certainly, keep the President's seal until the second frame 
      is finished in order to check all the details.
I am sending on today by insured mail the President's photograph 
      for the large frame that you is making. I think it will be easier 
      for you to put this in the frame and return it framed for the 
      President's autograph.
I have asked Harris & Ewing to send you Mrs. Roosevelt's 
      photograph as soon as it is finished, for you to frame and return 
      to me for her autograph. Will you please deliver these as soon 
      as they are finished.
Sincerely yours,
      Mrs. J. M. Helm
      Secretary to Mrs. Roosevelt
      Mr. M. Bernheim
      347 Fifth Avenue
      New York, N.Y 
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