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June 15, 1939
      Dear Bill: -
I am especially glad that Eugene Ware's poetry has been put 
      together in a book-- and thankful to you for sending it to me. 
      I have known some of the verses -- and it has seemed to me that 
      in some ways "Ironquill" has much of the combined philosophy 
      of two other friends of mine-- William Allen White and Will Rogers. 
      It is worth preserving and fostering it.
I wish you could have met the young couple from England. They 
      had a real understanding not only of foreign affairs but also 
      of social problems. I think they enjoyed the rather successful 
      mixture of adequate formality, plus informal fancily life, which 
      we managed to work out for them during those four days.
As ever yours,
      William Allen White, Esq.,
      The Emporia Gazette,
      Emporia, Kansas 
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