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      February 17, 1939
Dear Franklin:
A thousand thanks for your letter. I shall relay a  %copy to 
      Trevelyan, but I shall tell him that it was marked "Private'' 
      so that he will use it with discretion.
I think you are a bit hard on "the average Britisher". 
      Some of his itinerant exports over here are intolerable -- I 
      see shoals of them and know where of I speak -- but the bulk 
      of the stay-at-homes are of better quality. The fact is I think 
      that a lot of those who come over here for the first time don't 
      quite know how to behave with us, and hit the wrong note at the 
      I hope you will get a lot of fish.
Yours always,
      Roger B. Merriman
      His Excellency the President of the United States 
      Executive Mansion
      Washington, D.C. 
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