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      Memorandum of Conversation 
      DATE: March 1, 1939
SUBJECT: Visit of King and Queen of England.
      PARTICIPANTS: Sir Ronald Lindsay, British Ambassador; the Under 
      COPIES TO:
The British Ambassador called to see me this morning. The 
      Ambassador asked me to lay the following matter before the President 
      upon his return. He said that when the King of England paid official 
      visits to other countries it had been the invariable practice 
      from time immemorial for the King to be accompanied by one of 
      the members of the British Cabinet, normally the Secretary of 
      State for Foreign Affairs. He said that Lord Halifax was personally 
      anxious to take the trip to the United States to accompany the 
      King, particularly in order to have the opportunity of talking 
      with the President and the Secretary of State, but that realizing 
      that his visit to the United States might be misinterpreted by 
      American public 
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