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June 24, 1939
Memo for Gen. Watson from Summner Welles
      Attaches conf dispatches from Amb Biddle marked for the President
      No. 1069 dated June 1, 1939 concerning the possible reopening 
      of negotiations affecting Danzig and the Corridor;
No. 1072, dated June 3, 1939 reporting the substance of a 
      conversation with the Polish Ambassador to Great Britain on Anglo-German 
No. 1074 dated June 3, 1939 concerning status of Polish attempts 
      to obtain British financial assistance.
No. 1075, dated June 3, 1939 concerning reaction in official 
      Polish circles to Molotov's address of May 31, 1939.
See Poland foldex-Foreign File--Drawer 1--1939 
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