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July 6, 1939
Dear Jimmy: -
      I well remember that when you went to the Coronation I asked 
      you to suggest to the King that if he went to Canada he should 
      come to visit us in Washington; that you spoke to him about it 
      and that he said he would be delighted to.
It Is just as well that this be put on paper for future generations, 
      though I see no particular reason for making any announcement 
      about it now.
Thereafter I was more or leas in touch with Mackenzie King, 
      and last summer when I dedicated the International Bridge at 
      the Thousand Islands he told me that the King and Queen would 
      in all probability visit Canada in 1939. Thereupon I started 
      a personal correspondence with the King himself -- and the rest 
      is now history.
It was grand to see you other day.
      As ever yours,
Honorable James W. Gerard
      40 Wall Street,
      New York City,
      New York 
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