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Kingdom have and are still engaged in consultation with a 
      number of other governments on the present situation which is 
      one of grave potential menace to the countries of Western Europe 
      and of the whole British Commonwealth.
The policy of His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom 
      has been described by the Prime Minister in his statement in 
      the House of Commons on March 23rd as follows: "I wish to 
      make it clear however that there is no desire on the part of 
      His Majesty's Government to stand in the way of any reasonable 
      efforts on the part of Germany to expand her export trade. Nor 
      is this Government anxious to set up in Europe opposing blocs 
      of countries with differing ideas about the forms of their internal 
      administration. We are solely concerned here with the proposition 
      that we cannot submit to a procedure under which independent 
      States are subjected to such pressure under a threat of force 
      as to be obliged to yield up their independence and we are resolved 
      by all the means in our power to oppose attempts if they should 
      be made to put such a procedure into operation."
The purpose of the consultations upon which His Majesty's 
      Government in the United Kingdom are engaged is to fortify by 
      as wide a measure of international collaboration as may be achieved 
      the natural resistance which States are bound to offer to attempts 
      that may be made to constrain them directly or indirectly to 
      yield up their independence.
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