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10, Downing Street,
      25th August, 1939.
      My dear Mr. President,
The Secretary of State for Air informs me that the United 
      States Navy Department have developed a new type of automatic 
      air bombsight known as the Norden bombsight, and I understand 
      that this sight (together perhaps with a similar development 
      of the United States Army Air Corps) is the most efficient instrument 
      of its kind in existence. We are therefore most anxious to obtain 
      details of the sight and have inquired urgently through cur Air 
      Attache in Washington whether they can be given to us. For reasons 
      which I can readily imagine the Air Authorities of the United 
      States have not felt able to accede to our request.
In normal times I should not make a direct approach to you 
      in such a matter, but in the present grave situation I venture 
      to ask you whether you could help us to obtain the information 
      we desire. I make this urgent personal request to you because 
      Great Britain today faces the possibility of entering on a tremendous 
confronted .. %. 
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