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      Telegram of August 28th
Following is substance of His Majesty's Government's reply 
      to Herr Hitler's communication of August 25th.
1. His Majesty's Government reciprocates Chancellor's desire 
      for Anglo-German understanding.
2. Chancellor's message dealt with two groups of questions.
      (1) Matters in dispute between Germany and Poland.
      (2) Ultimate relations between Germany and Great Britain
3. His Majesty's Government is prepared to discuss questions 
      raised by Chancellor if German-Polish differences are peacefully 
4. His Majesty's Government agrees that German-Polish settlement 
      is first essential but everything turns on nature of settlement 
      and method by which it is to be reached. Chancellor says nothing 
      on these points and an understanding on both is essential to 
      further progress.
5. His Majesty's Government intends to honor their obligations 
      to Poland and would not for any advantage to Great Britain acquiesce 
      in a settlement jeopardizing Polish independence. His Majesty's 
      Government considers that German-Polish differences could find 
      reasonable solution on lines of safeguarding Poland's essential 
      interests. But it must be understood in advance that other Powers 
      would guarantee any settlement. His Majesty's Government would 
      be prepared to participate in such guarantee. His Majesty's Government 
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