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London, April 6, 1939
      Dear Mr. President,
I am enclosing herewith a most secret report of British aviation 
      and their estimate of German aviation. Sir Kingsley Wood, after 
      talking with the Prime Minister and Lord Halifax, decided to 
      send this on to you for your own personal information. No one, 
      not even the members of the Cabinet, has this information in 
Sir Kingsley Wood wished you to have it for your own information, 
      so that you would have a more complete idea of what was going 
      on here.
I have not given it to anybody in this office, nor have I 
      shown it to any of the Army or Navy Officials. No copy is being 
      made and I am not advising anybody that you have it.
All this is at their request.
      Faithfully yours,
      The President,
      The White House 
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