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1. My telegram to Berlin gives the text of the reply of His 
      Majesty's Government to the German communication which has been 
      repeated to you.
2. Please communicate it to M. Beck. In doing so you should 
      point out that whilst the first part of the German Government's 
      reply consists of an indefensible and misleading presentation 
      of the German case, the really important part of the reply consists 
      in Germany's acceptance of proposal for direct discussion of 
      suggestion of proposed international guarantee, and Germany's 
      assertion that she intends to respect Poland's vital interests.
3. It is perhaps unnecessary to take exception at this stage 
      to much that £1 ds place in the German reply, of which 
      His Majesty's Government would be as critical as they have no 
      doubt would be the Polish Government, but His Majesty's Government 
      have made an express reservation in regard to the statement of 
      particular demands put forward in the German note. Point that 
      seemed to call for immediate comment was the German demand that 
      a Polish representative should present himself at Berlin today. 
      M. Beck will see the line, which we have taken on this and the 
      further reference we have made to the point in our reply to the 
      German Government's latest communication. The German Government 
      are now drawing up proposals for a solution and it will be in 
      the light of these and of other developments that the decision 
      as to future procedure including the place and conditions of 
      discussion will 
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