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Columbia University
      In the City of New York
      April 4, 1939
To The President
      White House
      Washington, D. C.
      My dear Mr. President:
It was most kind of you to take the trouble to telephone me 
      yesterday evening from Warm Springs to tell me of the arrangements 
      you are making for the visit of the King and Queen to New York 
      City and to Columbia University. The arrangements as you have 
      outlined them seem wholly admirable and we shall do our best 
      to meet your wishes and expectations. The plan you propose for 
      the reception at Columbia University is ideal. Granted good weather, 
      the occasion may well be a memorable one to record and to remember.
As I said by telephone, it is particularly appropriate that 
      Their Majesties should come to Columbia since this corporation 
      was founded by Royal Charter under date of October 31, 1754, 
      as King's College in the Province of New York. Their Majesties 
      may see the original Charter but the iron King's Crown, which 
      accompanied it, a reproduction of which we so often use upon 
      our official publications and stationery. Everything can readily 
      be accomplished in fifteen minutes as you propose and there- 
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