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      Washington, D.C.
      September 1st 1939.
      My dear Mr. Secretary,
      Yesterday I gave Mr. Sumner Welles a copy of a telegram addressed 
      to the Foreign Office by His Majesty's Ambassador in Warsaw reporting 
      M. Beck's reactions on being shown a copy of His Majesty's Government's 
      latest communication to Herr Hitler, a copy of which I sent to 
      you in my letter of August 31st.
      I have now been instructed to send you the enclosed summaries 
      of four further telegrams:
      (A) A telegram dated August 31st from His Majesty's Ambassador 
      in Warsaw, reporting a conversation with M. Beck when the latter 
      communicated the Polish Government's reply to our representations.
      (B) A further telegram from His Majesty's Ambassador in Warsaw 
      dated August 31st, giving the text of this Polish reply.
      (C)A telegram to His Majesty's Ambassador in Berlin sent on August 
      (D)Text of telegram sent to His Majesty's Ambassador in Warsaw 
      on August 31st.
      I have been particularly asked to emphasise the confidential 
      nature of the two telegrams from Warsaw.
      Believe me,
      My dear Mr. Secretary,
      Yours very sincerely,
      The Honourable
      Cordell Hull,
      Secretary of State of the United States,
      Washington, D.C.
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