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Summary of telegram of August 31st from 
      His Majesty' s Ambassador at Warsaw.
      Following is the text of the Polish reply dated August 31st, 
      1. Unconditional confirmation of their already expressed willingness 
      for a direct exchange of views with the German Government naturally 
      on the basis suggested by the British Government.
      2. The Polish Government are also prepared on a reciprocal basis 
      to give a formal guarantee that if negotiations are held, Polish 
      troops will not violate the German frontier provided that a corresponding 
      guarantee is furnished regarding the non-violation of the Polish 
      frontier by German troops.
      3. In the present circumstances it is essential that a simple 
      provisional modus vivendi be set up in Danzig.
      4. As regards the suggestions communicated to the Polish Government, 
      a request has already been made to the British Ambassador for 
      an explanation of what the British Government understood by international 
      guarantees in regard to the relations between Poland and Germany. 
      In the absence of an answer to this fundamental question, the 
      Polish Government feel obligated entirely to reserve their attitude 
      towards the matter until they have received fuller explanations.
      5. The Polish Government trusts that if conversations with Germany 
      are initiated, they may continue to enjoy the good offices of 
      His Majesty's Government..
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