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Summary of telegram of August 3lst to His Majesty's Ambassador 
      at Warsaw.
1. His Majesty's Government are gratified to learn that the 
      Polish Ambassador in Berlin has been instructed to get into contact 
      with the German Government.
2. His Majesty's Government fully agree as to the need for 
      discussing detailed arrangements regarding the negotiations and 
      as to the undesirability of M. Beck's visiting Berlin.
3. On the other hand, His Majesty's Government do not understand 
      why the Polish Government should find it difficult to authorise 
      N. Lipski to accept document from the Germans and they sincerely 
      trust that they may feel able to amend their instructions in 
      this matter. No ultimatum was mentioned in the report on the 
      German proposals furnished to His Majesty's Government and the 
      suggestion that the demand that Polish representative should 
      be in Berlin by August 30th was equivalent to an ultimatum was 
      definitely repudiated by German Foreign Minister in talking with 
      Sir Nevile Henderson. If the document were to contain an ultimatum, 
      Poland would naturally refuse to discuss it until ultimatum was 
      withdrawn. On the other hand, for them to refuse to receive the 
      proposal would arouse grave misunderstanding by outside opinion.
4. It would seem M. Lipski could surely be instructed to receive 
      and forward the document and say (a) if it contained anything 
      like the expected 
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