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      September 1st, 1939.
      My dear Mr. Secretary,
      I have received instructions to inform you that the following 
      communication is being made to the German Government by His Majesty's 
      Ambassador in conjunction with his French colleague this evening.
      "On the instructions of His Majesty's Principal Secretary 
      of State for Foreign Affairs, I have the honour to make the following 
      communication. Early this morning the German Chancellor issued 
      a proclamation to the German Army which indicated clearly that 
      he was about to attack Poland. Information which has reached 
      His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom and the French 
      Government indicates that German troops have crossed the Polish 
      frontier and that attacks upon Polish towns are proceeding. In 
      these circumstances it appears to the Governments of the United 
      Kingdom and France that by their action the German Government 
      have created conditions viz. an aggressive act off force against 
      Poland threatening the independence of Poland which call for 
      the implementation by the Governments of the United Kingdom and 
      France of the undertaking to Poland to come to her assistance. 
      I am accordingly to inform Your Excellency that unless the German 
      Government are prepared to give His Majesty's Government satisfactory 
      assurances that the German Government has suspended all aggressive 
      action against Poland and are prepared
      The Honourable
      Cordell Hull,
      Secretary of State of the United States,
      Washington, D.C.
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