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      September 3rd, 1930.
      No. 369.
I have the honour under instructions from His Majesty's Principal 
      Secretary of State for  %Foreign Affairs to inform you that the 
      following declaration has been made on behalf of His Majesty's 
      Government in the United Kingdom and the French Government:-
"The Governments of the United Kingdom and France solemnly 
      and publicly affirm their intention should a war be forced upon 
      them to conduct hostilities with a firm desire to spare the civilian 
      population and to preserve in every way possible those monuments 
      of human achievemnt which are treasured in all civilized countries. 
      In this spirit they have welcomed with deep satisfaction President 
      Roosevelt's appeal on the subject of bombing from the air. Fully 
      sympathising with the humanitarian sentiments by which that appeal 
      was inspired they have replied to it in similar terms. They had 
      indeed some time ago sent implicit instructions to the commanders 
      of their armed forces prohibiting the bombardment whether form 
      the air, or the sea, or by
      The Honourable
      Cordell Hull,
      Secretary of State of the United States,
      Washington, D.C. 
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