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May 24, 1939
My dear Bishop Manning:-
      The President asks me to thank you for your letter of May twenty-third. 
      The program of the King and Queen for Saturday, June tenth was 
      under discussion for several months and the problem presented 
      was that of cutting down the many appealing visits which many 
      of us wanted our guests to make in the City of New York.
The time was limited by the earliest hour they could leave 
      the World's Fair and the latest hour they could arrive at the 
      President's house at Hyde Park in time for dinner. This has meant 
      that there will be time only to stop for about ten minutes at 
      Columbia University where the King and Queen will view the original 
      Charter of King's College, the predecessor of Columbia.
I understand, however, that the route to be taken will pass 
      the Cathedral. I regret that it is impossible to make any change 
      at this time.
Very sincerely yours,
      Secretary to the President
      The Right Reverend William T. Manning, 
      Bishop of New York,
      1021 Amsterdam Avenue,
      New York, N.Y 
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