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8th November, 1939.
      My dear Mr. Roosevelt;
      In your letter of the 11th September you invited me to write 
      to you personally whenever there were any problems on which I 
      wished to consult you. You may be sure that I shall do so. At 
      the moment, I have no question to raise with you, but I cannot 
      forbear from sending you a private line of thanks and congratulation 
      on the great development of the last week-end.
      The repeal of the arms embargo, which has been so anxiously awaited 
      in this country, is not only an assurance that we and our French 
      Allies may draw on the great reservoir of American resources; 
      it is also a profound moral encouragement to us in the struggle 
      upon which we are engaged. As I said in my letter of the 4th 
      October, I am convinced that it will have a devastating effect 
      on German morale;
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