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Telegram from London dated March 5th, 1941
      Further mines dropped by aircraft Suez Canal on March 3rd. It 
      had been expected the Canal would be open by March 3rd. The positions 
      of the new mines as plotted considered fairly accurate.
2. "Canberra" and "Leander" P.Ivi. March 
      4th, 300 miles South East of the Seychelles sighted merchant 
      vessel and tanker. Wintin 20 minutes both were on fire and later 
      sank. Merchant ship was German S.S. "Coburg" of 7400 
      tons which recently left Massawa and the tanker was Norwegian 
      "Ketty Brovig" of 7000 tons previously on passage from 
      Bahrein to Lourenco Marques.
3. On March 4th, successful operation against fish oil plants 
      in four principal fishing ports Lofoten Island successfully completed 
      by units of the Home Fleet.
4. Prisoners taken were German or Quisling Norwegians. Special 
      service and Norwegian troops were employed.
5. Aircraft on patrol Dutch coast dropped 250 pounds of bombs 
      Den Helder docks night of March 3rd/4th, which caused very heavy 
      explosion. Aircraft reconnaissance Tripoli harbour p.m. March 
      3rd, showed eight large ships, 21 medium, 24 small craft. Two 
      miles North were two large merchant vessels and two destroyers 
      -15 miles North a warship with one destroyer standing by was 
      seen to be on fire.
6. Military. Italian Somaliland.
      We have occupied Bulo Burti, our patrols have reached Isha Baido, 
      and have captured 200 prisoners, much transport and 20,000 gallons 
      of petrol. Prisoners now exceed 10,000.
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