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1. Naval. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were sighted p.m. March 
      8th by an aircraft from H.M.S. "Malaya" whilst escorting 
      a convoy midway between the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands. 
      "Malaya" turned towards and subsequently sighted one 
      battle cruiser but on receiving aircraft's report of two battle 
      cruisers, "Malaya" retired to cover the convoy. This 
      convoy was attacked by U-boat one hundred and eighty miles west 
      of Cape Blanco early a.m. March 8th and five merchant ships were 
      sunk out of fifty-four.
2. In the Eaat Coast convoy attacked by E boats on the night 
      of March 7th/8th one further British merchant ship of 2,000 tons 
      was also sunk making total of three sunk, two beached.
3. His Majesty's Destroyer "Greyhound" sank Italian 
      submarine "Anfitrite" forty miles south of Creta on 
      March 6th and took thirty-nine prisoners.
4. Military. Eritrea, to 8.50 p.m. March 7th. In the Red Sea 
      area our troops are now ten miles North of Keren. In Barentu 
      area our patrols have reached a point three miles East of Aressa.
5. Ethiopia. In Metemma area patriot forces have occupied 
      a camp fourteen miles north of Gondar. In Gojjam area retreating 
      garrison of Burye were ambushed by Ethiopian troops north of 
      Dambacha and suffered three hundred casualties including one 
      hundred killed.
6. Yugoslavia. Three armies stationed on the Bulgarian and 
      Roumanian frontiers are reported mobilising; strength of Yugoslavia 
      March 9th would therefore be about 500,000 and is expected to 
      reach 600,000 by March l0th.
7. Royal Air Force. March 8th no major operations   
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