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8. Night of March 8th/9th no night bombers sent out owing 
      to probable weather deterioration but nine aircraft of the Fighter 
      Command went to attack aerodr %omes in Northern France and probably 
      damaged two enemy aircraft.
9. German Air Force. March 8th, only twelve aircraft were 
      plotted over the country during the day.
10. Night of March 8th/9th. About 10 enemy aircraft were operating 
      and a short but intensive attack was directed against London 
      by about sixty of them; other localities visited were South East 
      England, East Anglia and Portsmouth from which no serious damage 
      or casualties have been reported. Anti-aircraft claim three enemy 
      aircraft destroyed and two damaged.
11. Malta. Night of March 7th/8th, fifteen enemy bombers caused 
      slight damage to a naval store.
l2. Aircraft casualties in operations over and from the British 
      German: probable three, damaged four. 
      British: nil.
15. Home Security. London, fifty casualties were effected; 
      damage of military importance was slight; fires in London and 
      Cheney Docks soon put out. Cafe de Paris received a direct hit 
      and twenty-six persons are reported killed and over eighty injured. 
      The North Lodge of Buckingham Palace was demolished. 
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