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      May 27, 1939
      My dear Mr. President:
      I have been informed that you have asked the Department to prepare 
      for your consideration a draft of the remarks which you will 
      make at your dinner for the King.
      I consequently enclose herewith a suggested draft which the Secretary 
      and I believe you may find suitable.
      I likewise enclose a copy of the remarks which the King will 
      make in replying to your toast. I am informed that because of 
      the slowness with which the King speaks it will take him about 
      three minutes to deliver this speech.
      The British Embassy has asked whether it would be possible for 
      a copy of the address which you propose making to be given to 
      them in advance so that the King may have an opportunity of reading 
      it before the night of the dinner. May I therefore ask, when 
      you have determined upon the text which is satisfactory to you, 
      if I may have a copy to hand to the British Ambassador?
      Believe me
      Faithfully yours,
      The President, 
      The White House.
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