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Your Majesties:
      In the life of a nation, as in that of an individual, there are 
      occasions that stand out in high relief. Such an occasion is 
      the present one, when the entire United States is welcoming on 
      its soil the King and Queen of Great Britain, of our neighbor 
      Canada, and of all the far-flung British Commonwealth of Nations. 
      It is an occasion for festivities, but it is also fitting that 
      we pause a moment in the festivities to give thanks for the bonds 
      of friendship that link our two peoples.
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      We are heirs to the same traditions of personal liberty, of justice, 
      and of democracy which are today embodied in our systems of government 
      and of law. These common traditions, as the years have passes, 
      have made it very natural that together our two countries have 
      joined in blazing a pathway in the arbitration of international 
      disputes; that together they were among the pioneers in framing 
      procedures of international conciliation; and that recently they 
      signed a trade agreement which is not only mutually beneficial 
      but is contributing to the removal throughout the world of burdensome 
      restrictions on international trade.
      Of course, there have been differences between us. Frequently 
      our national interests have not coincided. But so confident is 
      each Government of the fairness of the other, and of its inherent 
      willingness to find a reasonable and, above all else, a peaceful 
      solution of disputes
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