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                             OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES
                    WASHINGTON, D.C. 
                                                      19 June 1944
     1. We have received from our office in London
certain information concerning the operation of the
pilotless aircraft v,~ich are presently being directed
against England. This information v~as forv:arded in
response to a cable inquiry v;hich reads as foiloyes:
                        "Since enemy use of either robot olanes or rockets appears to be irreconcilable
{vith good timing or good military judgement, I am looking for some rationalization. Do the
Germans believe this attack of sufficient vehemence to be untenable to British-American War
effort by the maintenance of suspense and terror? Have you learned that any special explosive has
been used for the first time in these weapons? If no abnormal erplosive is indicated, watch keenly
for evidence of the dissemination of amy sort of contagion near to places hit. Does wreckage of
devices indicate use of gyro? Do robots come over at definite time intervals and how many in 24
hours? Are we using Radar defensively? Give appraisal of whole affair. Urgent."
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