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Original of this telegram, approved by the President, returned to the   
                 Secretary of State ?/29/44                 
                       DRAFT TELEGRAM                       
            FOR MYRON TAYLOR FROM THE PRESIDENT.            
                    Your 286, August 21.                    
For your confidential information, I feel that at this particular phases   
of our discussions with the British on the whole problem  of Italian   
relief, we might jeopardize the success of the program of American Relief   
for Italy, Inc. by insisting just now that the combined miltary authorities,  
despite their current directives from the Combined Chiefs of Staff,   
            authorize Marchisio to visit Italy.             
Your recomendations will, however, be kept in mind and acted upon just as   
soon as possible.  I am sure that meanwhile you, as Chairman of American   
Relief for Italy, will be able to organize matters at that end with your   
             usual skill, tact and efficiency.              
                     (signed) ROOSEVELT                     
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