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                     INCOMING TELEGRAM                      
                    DEPARTMENT OF STATE                     
This telegram must be   
before being   
communicated to   
                   Dated August 21, 1944                    
                       Rec'd 9:47 am.                       
                     Secretary of State                     
                    216, August 21, 7pm.                    
           THIS IS TAYLOR'S 286 FOR THE PRESIDENT           
Procedure regarding distribution of material contributed to American   
Relief for Italy cannot be wisely arranged to meet views of AMG, ACC,   
Vatican and Italian Government and a reorganized Italian Red Cross without   
prompr presence here of Judge Marchisio who has been denied permission by   
General Hilldring to visit Italy though I recommended it before and since   
                    leaving Washington.                     
I urge it as a protection against possible future complaints of   
inefficiency and favoritism. To avoid this American Relief for Italy   
should have its own competent representative on the ground to supervise   
distribution.  Marchisio should bring such representative with him.    
     Please act at once.  Sending full report by air.       
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