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                      January 22, 1945                      
                       Meeting No. 11                       
Following are minutes of a meeting of the Advisory Group concerning   
relief held January 22, 1945 in the Office of Ambassador Myron C.   
Taylor, Chairman of AMerican Relief for Italy Inc. Brig. G. S.   
Parkinson, DSO , Diretor of Public Health Subcommission presided   
over the meeting in the absence of Mr. Taylor. In attendence were:   
Brig. Gen. Thoburn K. Brown, Commanding, Rome Area; Col. O.J.   
Bizzozero, Public Health officer, Region IV, Allied Commision; Col.   
John McSweeney, Public Health and Welfare Officer, Subcommision,   
Allies Commission; Mgr. John P. Carroll-Abbing, Director of   
Sanitary Services, Pontifical Commission for Aid to Refugees; Ing.   
G. B. Vicentini, Executive Director of ENDSI; Prof. John A.   
Canaperia, M.D. Inspector General of Public Health Department of   
Ministry of the Interior;  Ing. Enrico P. Galeazzi, Architect of   
the Sacred Apostolic Palaces and Special Delegate to the Pontifical   
Commission of the State of the Vatican City; Dr. L. Lappponi of the   
Italian Red Cross; Mr. Joseph S. Silber, American Red Cross, Acting   
Assistant to Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Thomas R. Ballantine, American Red   
Brig. Parkinson: Mr. Taylor has asked me to conduct the meeting   
this morning in his absence. First I think it would be a good plan   
if we could review the situation up to date.  We appreciate the   
presence of General Brown this morning, because we know he is a   
busy man , and his time is valuable.  Gerneral Brown, do you know   
                 the situation up to date?                  
Gen. Brown: I only know what I saw when I went to visit some refugee   
             camps with Mr. Taylor on Saterday.             
Mr. Silber: I might report briefly on the progress of distribution   
in the provinces of Littoria and Frosinone.  All the suppplies   
allocated have already been delivered within the provinces.  I am   
advised as of today that all the clothing will be distributed from   
the warehouses to the communes of Litteria.  The distribution is   
not so far advanced in Froninone. In Naples a determination has been   
made as to what clothing should go there, including the ten   
communes outside the city of Naples.  Altogether 79,000 people will   
be served, of whom 20,000live in the communes and 59,000 in the   
city of Naples.  We are making  little different distribution in   
Naples than ordinary in that we are giving first priority of   
clothing to a group of people called "impiegati"-people who are   
earning less than 2,500 lire a month.  They have been caught in the   
vice of being either rich nor paupers.  Next in order of priority   
came 1) the aged, who are living on inadequate pensions; 2) the   
bombed out; 3) the destitute; 4) refugees.  
The next project is the one of Sicily.  Ing. Vicentini and myself   
are going to Sicily this week for the purpose of determining what   
clothing needs are.  We have already arranged with the   
Subcommission for transport for the week of Jan 29th.  In the   
provinces of the Abruzzi all the clothing has been delivered, and   
as far as we know- the distribution has been made.  (Mr. Silber   
submitted a progres report for the week commencing January 22, 1945-   
                       see attached.)                       
Ing. Vicentini: With the exception of a small part of the provinces   
of Aquila and Campobasso where the roads are blocked by snow
Mr. Silber: In the Province of Rome allocation has been made, and   
              delivery will be made this week.              
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