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Ing. Viscentini: Total allocations have been made for 120,000 people   
       in Rome Province, including the City of Rome.        
 Silber: That brings us up to date ecept for milk and vitami
Mgr. Carroll-Abbing: Up to the present milk and vitamins have been   
distributed to 4,902 children in 94 orphanages and institutions in   
Rome.  I think our first figure of 8,000 children will not be   
exaggerated.  I think they can count on about 130 institutions   
altogether in Rome.  We will make distributions to the childrens   
hospitals but instead of giving the children ordinary powered milk,   
they will be given a quanity of dextri-malltose and protein milk in   
addition  to the vitamins.  In this way teh special types of milk   
will be used more efficiaciously and there will be greater security   
in regard to medical control.  I think that in two days we will   
have finished the distribution of milk in the City of Rome.  We   
then plan to set up the same organization in Naples and to distribute  
            milk to about 5,000 children there.             
. Parkinson: We decided the distribution was to be twice mon
Mgr. Carroll-Abbing: After seeing the first distribution, we decided   
to give the whole quanity, because it is quite a big job to give   
out the milk.  The people bring along their carts and take away a   
ouple of barrels in some places.  It saves time and transpor
Mr. Silber: In view of the fact that you are giving them  eight   
weeks supply instead of two, is there any way to check the   
Mgr. Carroll-Abbing: Yes. We have two doctors to check and make an   
                  inspection once a month.                  
Brig. Parkinson: I think it is very important that we keep a   
                carefull check of the milk.                 
       Col. Bizzozero: We will help out on that too.        
Mr. Silber: Col. Bizzozero, we talked to you and we talked to Captain  
Brown about this- we will have a very substantial supply of milk, in   
excess of 1,000,000 tins.  We hope your office will have completed   
the survey concerning the milk, so that when it arrives, we can   
            plan on a much broader distribution.            
          Col. Bizzozero: That will be completed.           
Mr. Silber: We think we will have enough milk to supply 50,000   
        children in Rome and Naples for six months.         
    Brig. Parkinson: I think that is very cheering news|    
Mr. Silber: When you think on the basis of 50,000 children, do you   
think you would have to go outside  of instituions to reach that   
Col. Bizzozero: You would have to go into the schools.  Schools are   
                      the place to go.                      
Mr. Silber: In that way we could furnish milk to children who need   
   it, and at the same time stimulate school attendance.    
Col. Bizzozero: The Families would be glad to see it handles that   
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