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FDR and Dutchess County Stone Buildings

Hyde Park is located in the former Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. Many colonial homes doted the landscape which Franklin Roosevelt would frequently visit on weekend drives through the countryside with his parents. Those drives served as a connection to the Roosevelts' own Dutch heritage. Claes Martenszen Van Rosenvelt - Roosevelt's ancestor - first arrived in New Amsterdam from the Netherlands around 1650. His family's past continued to be of great interest to FDR. He gathered extensive genealogy records, joined the Holland Society, founded the Dutchess County Historical Society, and entitled his Harvard history thesis "The Roosevelt Family in New Amsterdam Before the Revolution."

"Our early forbears brought from the Netherlands a quality of endurance against great odds - a quality of quiet determination to conquer obstacles of nature and obstacles of man. That is why for many years I have been so deeply interested in the preservation of the records and monuments left in New York City and the Hudson River Valley by the Dutch pioneers. The influence of New Netherland on the whole Colonial period of our history, which culminated in the War for Independence, has not as yet been fully recognized. It was an influence which made itself felt in all of the other twelve Colonies, and it is an influence which manifests itself today in almost every part of our Union of States."

FDR, Greetings to the Holland Society of New York on January 17, 1935

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Historical Society

Creek Meeting House, Clinton Historial Society, 1777

Wildercliff, Rhinebeck

Wildercliff, Rhinebeck


Grasmere, Rhinebeck

Tremper House

Tremper House

Cottage on Rogers Estate

Stone Cottage on Rogers Estate in Hyde Park

Stoutenburgh House

Stoutenburgh House, Hyde Park

Victorian Gothic House

Victorian Gothic House on Creek Road, East Park, 19th Century

Vernacular Stone House

Vernacular Stone House, East Park, early 20th Century



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