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FDR and Dutchess County Stone Buildings

Franklin Roosevelt's involvement with Dutchess County building projects ended once America entered World War II. The last building for which FDR helped secure funding - the Beekman Town Hall - was finished in 1942. However, he continued to work hard to preserve the history of the area. He undertook a project to preserve the colonial mile-markers along the old Post Road (now Route 9) by surrounding them with fieldstone. "The spirit of simplicity of the homes of our ancestors," he said, "…is a good influence on a civilization which to some of us seems to be reverting to the more humble and honest ideals." FDR did his best to move us all toward a world of humility and honesty. And his stone buildings are an eloquent daily reminder of those ideals for those of us who live among them.

Town Hall

Beekman Town Hall

Mile Marker

Mile Marker

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