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      April 19, 1939
      My dear Mr. Bernheim:
I am sending on this copy of the President's seal, which is 
      to be placed on the silver frame for the President's picture, 
      just as the Roosevelt crest goes on the frame for Mrs. Roosevelt's 
      A photograph of the President goes to you under separate cover 
      today. This is being sent so that you may have the proper measurements. 
      The President has asked that the picture be framed close, leaving 
      sufficient room at the bottom for his signature.
Will you please return both photographs as soon as you have 
      taken the measurements, as they will have to be autographed before 
      they are framed. Will you also return this cut of the President's 
This order is for one frame for the President's picture and 
      one frame for Mrs. Roosevelt's picture, in case I have not made 
      it clear. Of course these crests go at the top of the frames, 
      in the center. Needless to say, we need these frames as soon 
      as possible.
Sincerely yours,
      Mrs. J. M. Helm
      Secretary to Mrs. Roosevelt
Mr. Bernheim
      347 Fifth Avenue 
      New York, N. Y.
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