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      April 20, 1939
      Dear Mr. Bernheim:
I have just consulted with Miss Tully, the President's Secretary, 
      who tells me that the President wishes that his photograph be 
      framed in fairly close, leaving enough white on either side proportionately 
      and at the top to make it attractive. There should be enough 
      white left at the bottom to enable him to inscribe a long name 
      and his signature.
You are to make one frame to fit the President's picture and 
      one frame to fit Mrs. Roosevelt's picture. The frame for the 
      President's picture is to have his seal, a likeness of which 
      was sent you yesterday, engraved in the center of the frame at 
      the top. Can this seal be reduced sufficiently to bring in the 
      details and not make too wide a frame?
Mrs. Roosevelt's picture is to be framed the same as the President's, 
      with white on either side, at the top or sufficient at the bottom 
      to allow for a name and signature. The frame for her picture 
      is to have the Roosevelt crest, which you have already, engraved 
      in the center of the frame at the top.
The photograph of the President that you now have is the one 
      he wished to be used as a sample. However, to avoid any possible 
      error, I am sending you the actual photograph, which he will 
      autograph later, and which will be framed in the frame you are 
As soon as you have finished with both photographs of the 
      President and the one of Mrs. Roosevelt, will you return them 
      to me, as these are the only photographs that I have and it is 
      imperative that nothing befalls them. The frames are to be sent 
      to me at the White House as soon as they are ready. The bill 
      for the frames is to be sent to the State Department in Washington, 
      attention of Hon. George T. Summerlin. If this were not perfectly 
      clear, would you mind telephoning me.
Sincerely yours,
      Mrs. J.M. Helm
      Secretary to Mrs. Roosevelt
      Mr. M. Bernhim
      347 Fifth Avenue
      New York, N. Y 
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